Wolf 1.0

Wolf was Delivered to Jerry in May 1973 for $1,500 and was first played live in September 1973. Alembic Chromed Brass Bridge with Brass saddles with Chromed Brass Sustain Block.. Custom Brass Tailpiece with Wood Riser. Custom Chrome Pickup Selector Plate, Brass Scalloped Nut, and Gold Schaller Tuning Pegs/Gears.

The Switch is Confirmed as 1st "ProtoType" Blaster with a Switch added for In and Out. (Ron Wickersham)

Wolf picture below as delivered with original Gibson Type Speed Knobs


and Alembic Chromed Brass Sustain Block still in it today.




Wolf 1.1

(Dates ?/??/1973)

Wired with Military Spec'd Potentiometers and Military Spec'd Raytheon Knobs, New Wiring.




Wolf 1.2




Wolf 1.3s

The Alembic Blaster Switch was removed and an External Gain Potentiometer added in the same place where the witch was. Ron Wickersham's Alembic Blaster prototype was completed,
the First Commercial Alembic Strat"o"Blaster (Serial #1) as we know them today, was produced on 19 July 1975.


Travis Bean 1000A (Sept 28, 1975-July 18, 1976)

Travis Bean 500's (Aug 2, 1976 - Sept 3, 1977)


Wolf 2.0

09/28/77 Wolfs Return

Work Performed by Doug Irwin.

Doug Refinished and Fixed a Broken Neck/Headstock of Wolf from a fall in Europe. The Original Headstocks Inlayed Peacock and Alembic Logos were removed and Irwin Eagle Eagle Logo Inlayed on the repaired Headstock. The Original Alembic Bridge was replaced with a Chrome Plated Schaller Harmonica Bridge and the Sustain block stayed and is still there today. The Tailpiece gets Chrome plated and lowered onto the body of the guitar. The wood riser from underneath it was removed and some Mother of Pearl was placed under it's decorative design. The string ball ends have a cavity routed into the body due to the wood riser's removal. The Original Nut was replaced with a Brass NON Scalloped version. Like TB500 #12 it had an Onboard Effects Loop with no switch installed. 3 tone controls (middle and neck pickup share a dualganged potentiometer and with individual capacitors for each) and 1 Volume , 2 Prototype Dimazio FS-1 Single Coil pickups in the Bridge and Middle and a Fender Single Coil in the Neck, all with Black Covers. Original Wolf Gibson Type Speed Knobs as seen when first delivered in 1973.

Note - Alembic Blaster removed and like his Travis Bean 500 #12 at the time, Jerry's Effects Loop was line driven by the Mu-Tron III he was using. The Effects loop of both guitars utilized a Switchcraft 14B switching jack that allowed the guitar circuit to stay intact when no plug was placed in the effects loop jack.


Wolf 2.1

12/30/1977 Wolf gets a Pickup Swap to the Dimarzio SDS-1's between Sets.




Wolf 2.2

Sometime in Early 78

Effects Loop In/Out Switch Added, Alembic Blaster Added (pre volume control, off the 5 way Pickup Selector), Aluminum Lafayette Amplifier Knobs(from TB500)





Wolf 2.3

Late 1978 - July 1, 1979

Dimarzio Dual Sound Humbuckers were added in the Bridge and Middle Positions with Coil Tap Switches (single/series) for each Humbucker.



Wolf's Original Middle Dual Sound Pickup, Also used in Tiger when first delivered.


In Guitar Player Magazine October 1978 Jerry is phtographed with his newly installed Dimarzio Dual Sound Humbuckers.

Sievert asked in the interview, "Does that require a guitar with a lot of controls on it?"

Jerry responded, "Yes, maybe. For instance, I've just put two Dimarzio Dual Sound pickups that switch from humbucking to single-coil on my Irwin guitar. They're really neat........."

In 1979 before Tiger arrives the Metal Surround on the control side of the Middle Pickup that was attached to it began to fall off and by the time Tiger it has fell off and dameged the pickup. The damage can be seen when Tiger arrives with it in it. Also to note, The Dual Sounds were the earliest 3 conductor versions that had only Humbucker and North Single Coil when cut with the switch..



Tiger was delivered with Wolf's original Dual Sound.



In Early 2021 Doug Irwin delivered a guitar to Jason Schuener who was given this Jerry used Dimarzio Dual Sound pickup by Ramrod. Jason put this pickup in the new Irwin "Wine Country" so it can be played again.

Wolf 3.0

Sept 29, 1989 to December 31, 1989

w/ known appearances

Nov 16, 1991 (JGB)

Feb 21-23, 1993

Midi Added (Roland GK2 Externally Mounted), Dimarzio Super 2's (middle/bridge),Dimarzio HS-2 4 conductor Single Coil (neck/ humbucking single coil), Onboard Effects loop, Onboard EMG JG-1 Buffer.

Being the backup Midi guitar at the time, Wolf was officially retired with the arrival of Steve Cripes Lightning "Bolt" guitar in 1993.






Wolf 4.0

Wolf was left with an Experimental Wiring not known to be used "Onstage" by Jerry Garcia. The Guitar and its wiring are completely Humbucking. Single Coil Cut switches are rewired for Series/Parallel humbucker operation and the neck single coil is a stacked coil humbucker. The EMG JG-1 1 is replaced with an EMG JG-2 with adjustable gain and its gain is pushed about 8db's so the guitar is really hot but dead silent. With the added gain the input needed an RF blocking 1meg resistor and another one on the output to drain the pramps output before it clicks and pops by the switching.








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