Wolf 1.0

Wolf was Delivered to Jerry in May 1973 for $1,500 and was first played live in September 1973

Alembic Turner Chromed Brass Bridge with Brass saddles with Turner Sustain Block

Custom Brass Tailpiece with Wood Riser

Custom Chrome Pickup Selector Plate

Brass Scalloped Nut

Schaller Tuning Pegs/Gears

Middle Pickup Phase Switch

Gibson Speed Knobs

Fender Single Coil Pickups


Wolf's Sustain Block


Original Headstock




Raytheon Knobs Added.




Stickers Added




Wolf 1.1

Phase Switch removed and placement swapped for a 3rd tone control




Travis Bean 1000A (Sept 28, 1975-July 18, 1976)

Travis Bean 500's (Aug 2, 1976 - Sept 3, 1977)


Wolf 2.0

09/28/77 Wolfs Return

Work Performed by Doug Irwin.

Doug Refinished and Fixed a Broken Neck/Headstock from a fall.

The original headstocks inlayed Peacock and Alembic logo were removed and Irwin Eagle Eagle Logo Inlayed on the repaired Headstock.

The Original Alembic Bridge was replaced with a Chrome Plated Schaller Harmonica Bridge and the Sustain block stayed and is still there today.

The Tailpiece gets Chrome plated and lowered onto the body of the guitar and rout made for string ball ends and a piece of Mother of Pearl was placed under it's decorative design.

The Original Nut was replaced with a Brass NON Scalloped version.

Onboard Effects Loop with NO switch.

Neck and Bridge share a Dual Ganged Tone Control

Prototype Dimazio FS-1 Single Coil pickups.

Original Wolf Gibson Type Speed Knobs as seen when first delivered in 1973.



Wolf 2.1

Dec 27, 1977

Dimarzio SDS-1's are first played. December 28th has no photo current phot evidence, but Dec 29th the FS-1's are seen again.


December 30, 1977 Wolf gets a Pickup Swap from the Dimarzio FS-1's to the Dimarzio SDS-1's between Sets.



Unknown Black colored single coils spotted in Wolf on Feb 18, 1978.


Wolf 2.2

Spring 1978

Effects Loop In/Out Switch Added

Philmore No.327 Knobs(from TB500)



Philmore No.327 Knobs



Wolf 3.0

9/1/1978 - 1979

Dimarzio Dual Sound Humbuckers were added in the Bridge and Middle Positions with Parallel/Series switch for each. .





Guitar Player Magazine October 1978 Jerry is phtographed with his newly installed Dimarzio Dual Sound Humbuckers.



Wolf 3.1

BAM Magazine

August 28, 1981

Bill Lawrence L-250 Single Blade Humbucker seen in the Neck position.


Wolf was broke out at Alpine Valley on July 19, 1989 during space with Midi Added (Roland GK2 Externally Mounted)


Wolf 3.2

Sept 29, 1989 to December 31, 1989

w/ Last known appearances on;

Nov 16, 1991 (JGB)

Feb 21-23, 1993

Midi Added (Roland GK2 Externally Mounted)

Dimarzio Dual Sound (middle/bridge), Dimarzio HS-2 (neck)

EMG JG Unity Gain Buffer. JG-1 or JG-2 set at Unity

Being the backup Midi guitar at the time, Wolf was officially retired with the arrival of Steve Cripes Lightning "Bolt" guitar in 1993.

New Black Dual Sounds replaced Cream ones and the Jfet Buffer was removed and a New EMG Buffer Installed in 1991






Wolf 4.0

Wolf's last wirng was put back to the Parallel/ Series wiring. The Guitar and its wiring are completely humbucking with a Stacked Coil Humbucker single coil size neck pickup. The EMG JG-1 1 is replaced with an EMG JG-2. The 2 - 1meg resistors, one on the buffer input and output are to drain any stray capacitance to reduce or eliminate any clicks and pops from switching.









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