Jerry Garcia Rig Breakdowns

Jerry began to try out and use some effects more than a Wah Wah, Wah Fuzz or possible Fuzz used prior to 1976. In 1976 he started to try to incorporate effects units into his rig. On December 31, 1976 his OBEL(OnBoard Effects Loop) and Buffer in his Travis Bean 500 #12 arrives. Stage left of his mic were the Mutrons and stage right were the MXR pedals. in 78 an Mutron Volume wah joins the MXR side.


"I would say that Jer and I both came up with the buffer idea. What happened is that he complained that the pedals changed the sound of his pickups. I reckoned a two step solution. First to use a buffer and second that if I returned the pedal output back to the volume control then the pedal effects remained the same at any volume setting. I put the idea together and it worked as expected." - Dan Healy

"Also John Cutler helped make the pedal switching box. I made the first one but John designed and built the final version which is very sophisticated offering zero introduction of noise or distortion. Gold contact relays etc." -Dan Healy

Some Rig Breakdowns.





An MXR Distortion II was briefly used in the 5 spot in the Summer of 1982.





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